Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions – in this document unless a contrary meaning is evidenced the following definitions shall apply:
    CASA Means Civil Aviation Safety Authority
    Charterer Means the person or organisation that charters an aircraft
    FalconAir Means the carrier
  2. All charters are subject to FalconAir’s Terms & Conditions.
  3. FalconAir’s Terms & Conditions are subject to change, errors and/or admissions.
  4. All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue unless specified otherwise.
  5. This quotation is inclusive of Aircraft operating costs including crew, fuel, maintenance, all enroute landing and air navigation charges, crew accommodation, overnight parking, transportation and allowances, flight catering and refreshments applicable to flight distance.
  6. This quotation excludes the following:
    1. Fuel and insurance surcharges;
    2. Transport and allowances in the event of trip extension;
    3. Passenger accommodation, transport and allowances;
    4. De-icing charges for cold operations unless specified in the quotation;
    5. Specialised catering requests including high-end foods and premium alcohol
      i.e. vintage wine, whisky, caviar, internet and satellite phone charges;
    6. Is aircraft specific and is thus subject to aircraft and crew serviceability;
    7. Is subject to industry and related fuel price fluctuations; and
    8. In the case of Aeromedical quotes: ground ambulance transport and arrangement costs, patient, escort and medical staff customs and immigration taxes and fees, medical staff transport to/from accommodation on overnights separate to flight crew, medical staff accommodation and unplanned flight crew accommodation/meals and transport to/from airports.

    Excluded costs shall be reimnursed to FalconAir by the Charterer

  7. On acceptance of this quotation and by signing the quote and paying the deposit, should you choose to cancel the flight a cancellation fee will be payable as follows:
    1. 100% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled six (6) hours prior to departure;
    2. 90% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled 24 hours prior to departure;
    3. 70% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled three (3) days prior to departure;
    4. 30% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled five (5) days prior to departure; and
    5. 0% of the charter price if the flight is cancelled ten (10) days prior to departure.
  8. Unless specified in the quotation, funds must be deposited to the FalconAir account at least 48 hours prior to departure. 30% of the total amount is to be deposited on confirmation of the booking; the balance is due seven (7) days before departure. Deposits must be completed by direct bank transfer. FalconAir’s banking details are as follows:
    National Australia Bank
    BIC/SWIFT code: NATAAU3303M
    BSB: 082-124
    Account No: 13-689-2976
  9. The Charterer is responsible for any additional costs over and above the quoted amount under the following circumstances:
    1. Unforeseen legal and state law compliance requirements for any domestic and foreign operations;
    2. Security requirements for crew and aircraft outside of Australia;
    3. If unforeseen aircraft serviceability occurs outside of reasonable control of FalconAir, then FalconAir will make all reasonable efforts to substitute the aircraft with an appropriate alternative. Additional charges (excluding the costs of repairing the aircraft but including the costs of arranging an alternate aircraft) will apply; and
    4. If the Charterer changes flight schedules and routings from the agreed and booked charter, all additional costs incurred shall be payable by the Charterer.
  10. Departures and arrivals may be subject to delays due to high traffic loads and operational safety requirements at certain airports. To minimise disruptions and to improve flight time efficiency for the Charterer, FalconAir has imposed slot time restrictions for certain airports where required. The departure slot time gives a window of only a few minutes in which the aircraft must commence taxiing for departure. The arrival slot time imposes a landing time restriction. A reduction in speed or holding may be required to meet a landing slot time. The landing slot time may also be extended once airborne due to extensions of flight or holding time is not included in the quoted price and will be charged as an extra on completion of the charter. Where late arrival of passengers causes the aircraft to miss the departure slot time there may be significant delays and additional costs incurred by the Charterer.
  11. All flights will be conducted in accordance with Australian aviation laws and regulations. The Charterer and all passengers are to adhere to CASA inflight regulation. FalconAir reserve the right to postpone, cancel, and re-route any flight to ensure the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft. Under circumstances where a flight is cancelled prior to the commencement of a charter, the Charterer will be reimbursed all reasonable amounts. If the flight is cancelled during the charter, the Charterer will be reimbursed pro-rate for the unutilised sectors.
  12. For all international operations, it is the responsibility of the Charterer to ensure that all passengers have valid passports, travel documents and visas, and are eligible for entry at the booked destination. The Charterer shall indemnify FalconAir for any fines, penalties, or expenses incurred due to a failure of the Charterer to comply with domestic or foreign customs and quarantine regulations.
  13. The Charterer must disclose to FalconAir any items within baggage or cargo that may be considered, or have the potential to be dangerous goods, an item prohibited for import or export into a foreign port, or any other item that may need to be declared to domestic or foreign port, or any other item that may need to be declared to domestic or foreign customs and quarantine agencies. Good must be packaged and marked correctly in accordance with the appropriate authorities. All baggage and carryon items are subject to FalconAir and Australian aviation regulatory inspections.
  14. FalconAir reserve the right to refuse the loading of any items it deems to be dangerous or may contravene domestic or foreign laws and regulations.
  15. Passenger baggage is limited to 20kg per person plus 7kg per person cabin baggage that may be easily loaded into the aircraft. FalconAir have the right to refuse baggage that may be deemed to be a hazard to flight safety. Excess baggage will be sent onward and the cost is to be borne by the Charterer. No baggage can be carried in the cabin, apart from small personnel items such as moderately sized briefcases, capable of being placed beneath your legs in your seated position during takeoff and landing. If you arrive with items that are deemed to be large it is probable the contents will have to be transferred to soft baggage in order to be carried.
  16. The Charterer shall indemnify FalconAir for any claim, loss or damage that any passenger causes to the aircraft or its fixtures and fittings. FalconAir conducts a post-flight condition check. Should damage occur, FalconAir will immediately contact the Charterer who is liable for reasonable cost and repair.
  17. Claims by the Charterer who is liable for reasonable cost and repair.
  18. Claims by the Charterer or passenger arising from injury or death shall be brought within two (2) years of the flight and claims for lost or damaged baggage shall be notified to FalconAir in writing within seven (7) days of the end of the flight, failing which the claim will lapse.
  19. Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions will constitute a contract between FalconAir and the Charterer for the carriage of passengers and accompanying baggage. In the event the Charterer is a Charter Broker or agent, the Charter Broker or agent shall be bound by the Terms & Conditions and jointly liable for the performance of the Charterer’s obligations.
  20. Please be aware that restrictive security measures are present in certain airports. Airport officials may search baggage and confiscate items for security reasons. FalconAir will not be held responsible for any items confiscated or damaged by any airport officials.
  21. All aircraft are non-smoking and non-vaping.

Payment Details & Terms of Payment

  • 30% deposit on confirmation of booking
  • Balance due seven (7) days before departure
  • National Australia Bank
    BIC/SWIFT code: NATAAU3303M
    BSB: 082-124
    Account no: 13-689-2976
    Address: 168 Rocky Point Road, Kogarah, NSW 2217
  • Please send confirmation to [email protected]